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  • "Gigi’s is by far on par with any City Centre Italian"

    To be fair you wouldn’t essentially think of Bonnyrigg being home to fine cuisine, however to think it isn’t would be wrong.

    Gigi’s is by far on par with any City Centre Italian, we enjoyed a great meal.

    With a fish inspired menu along with the usual Italian options my starter of Scallops was very tasty and we weren’t disappointed with our main or sweet either.


    Posted on 19th May 2015

  • "The atmosphere is pure Italian"

    From the moment you book till the moment you leave you are aware that the owners of this restaurant want to make your visit special. The atmosphere is pure Italian as is the décor with chandeliers and pure white table clothes and a table laid out with cutlery and glasses that would shame some big hotels.

    If you need to go a place then they are spotless. The staff are at your service at all times but very unobtrusively. The menu is large and varied with sufficient British choices for every taste. An all round great dining experience that you want to repeat.

    Bill Taylor.

    Posted on 3rd June 2015

  • "Once Again the Food was Superb"

    Wherever we go now and especially to Italian restaurants we usually finish by saying “It’s good..but its not Gigi’s”. We ate there again last night with friends and once again the food was superb. Nothing is too much trouble and the food and wine are excellent. The staff are always attentive and good fun. We will continue to use the fantastic restaurant which is in my wife’s home town whenever we get back up to Scotland.


    Posted on 28th June 2015

  • "I Would Thoroughly Recommend"

    Decided to relax on Saturday and tried Gigi’s new lunchtime menu. Some really nice new dishes now as standard at excellent prices. Something for everyone and far better quality than the local competition. If you haven’t been, or haven’t been for a while I would thoroughly recommend.

    Phil Cunningham.

    Posted on 16th August 2015

  • "Thanks Gigi’s"

    Gigi’s has to be the of the best Italian restaurants in Scotland. We visited last Thursday for a family meal and again the friendly staff made for an enjoyable evening. For a midweek meal the restaurant was full which is always a good sign. Plenty of choice scallops, calamari, bruschetta, for starters. Diavola pizza, mussels, veg pizza, lasagne, cheesy pasta. Very tasty food washed down with tasty wine. Thanks Gigi’s for serving consistently great food!

    Mark D.

    Posted on 16th August 2015